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Brother-fronted, pop duo Cardiac Half is anything but half-hearted. Brothers Drew and Dylan Miller have been making music under the name Cardiac Half since 2016. The duo is currently releasing a campaign of singles, with the sixth and final track coming June 25, 2021. The most successful of the singles is their track, "Big Bad Wolf" which proudly accumulated almost 50K streams and landed on several top Spotify playlists. In 2020, the band also launched a new cinematic music video series based in a post-apocalyptic universe called, "The Last Initiative". Part III of the series is set to release in July 2021.


To the Miller brothers, Cardiac Half is more than music. It’s a movement, one where people have a voice to share their stories. The name Cardiac Half holds significant meaning as Dylan lives with a heart condition and has survived two open-heart surgeries, and Drew is deaf in his left ear.


Drew is the older brother of the duo. As a result of deafness in his left ear, he makes up the "Half" portion of Cardiac Half. His initial goal after graduating college was to pursue a solo career, and he initially recorded two songs under his name with Griffin, Ga producer,  Jason Hoard. It was in 2016 that the plan for Cardiac Half began to take shape. Drew covers majority of the songwriting for the group as well as lead vocals, piano, synths, and extra auxiliary parts.

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Dylan is the younger brother of the duo. His heart condition and two-open heart surgeries contributes to the "Cardiac" portion of Cardiac Half. He followed Drew's footsteps with the music dream & has handled majority of the business side of the band since Cardiac Half started. Dylan covers bass guitar, bass synths, auxiliary parts, and BGVs.
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