Brother-fronted, pop duo Cardiac Half is anything but half-hearted. Brothers Drew and Dylan Miller have been making music under the name Cardiac Half since 2016. In the early months of 2018, they began working with producer and engineer Ryan Wilson of HeyHey Studios and released three singles that year. "Big Bad Wolf", the first single of 2019, has over 44K streams on Spotify, and with the successful releases of “Secret Letters” and “City Lights”, the future is looking bright for the duo. Their ground breaking song “Medicine” is accompanied by a music video that introduces a whole new universe and is followed  by "Clone", their most recent single, which is a continuation of the storyline developed in "Medicine". "Clone" can be found on all digital platforms. 

The Miller brothers want Cardiac Half to be more than music; they want it to be a movement. One where people have a voice to share their story. The name Cardiac Half holds significant meaning as Dylan lives with a heart condition, and Drew is deaf in his left ear. Together, they unite to craft memorable melodies and stories that listeners won't soon forget.